Islands Chocolate


We’re excited to bring you these perfectly packaged chocolate buttons, from Islands Chocolate, great for everything from baking to hot chocolate making to flavour packed snacking.

Islands approached us with a song that was music to our ears…a chocolate company taking an agricultural based approach to cocoa production in St Vincent and The Grenadines, promoting good farming practice and applying agroforestry principals to sustain the environment, their employees and farmers and the resources and communities on the Islands.

A seed to bar approach, zero insecticides and low input farming techniques yield the kind of outputs that we want to see and taste in our chocolate. The complexity of flavour is matched by the attention to traceability and protection of native cacao varietals, we hope you enjoy discovering Islands as much as we do.


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Islands Chocolate Type

65% Islands Chocolate Buttons 300g, 75% Islands Chocolate Buttons 300g