We are fortunate enough to source many of our nuts from Food & Forest which works with small scale, often family run, orchards in the UK and Europe.

There you will find a selection of the highest quality with toasted Piedmontese Hazelnuts from Northwestern Italy, world renowned and highly prized for their flavour. Piedmont IGP hazelnuts are incredibly creamy and  rich with sweet nutty notes and a rich chocolate like aroma.

Almonds grown in Andalusia using principles of agroforestry to increase soil integrity and reduce desertification making for high quality almonds, plump in texture and intensely sweet in flavour.

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Walnut Pieces 200g, Whole Pecans (in shells) 300g, Whole Toasted Piedmont Hazelnuts 200g, Whole Unblanched Organic Almonds 200g, Whole Walnuts UK (in shells) 300g